Epic Trekking Journeys Around the World
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Looking for a new challenge or feeling inspired to get in touch with yourself and the outdoors on an extended backpacking adventure? Let 50 Best Backpacking Trips of All Time guide you through the universe of trekking by showcasing the ultimate long-distance hiking destinations around the globe.

These cards introduce you to the world’s top treks so you can decide which one will be next on your travel bucket list.

50 Best Backpacking Trips of All Time will inspire you to push your body and mind to its limits, connect with nature, and explore our world in the most adventurous way!

Have you ever dreamed about leaving modern technology behind, pushing your body to its physical limits, and challenging your mind like never before?

“50 Best Backpacking Trips of All Time” is a comprehensive guide to the world’s best hikes that take a few days up to several months and travel through an incredible range of elevations, conditions, eco-systems, and cultures. In this deck, you’ll find practical guidance about epic treks across all seven continents to unlock your travel spirit and inspire your inner adventurer.

Each backpacking destination comes with key route details, including trail description, elevation, trail length, hiking time, level of difficulty, best travel season, permits and more.

Long-distance hiking requires a tremendous amount of planning, training, and commitment, but as all hikers know, each journey begins with a single step: deciding where you are going next!
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